Doing Business in Mexico

You can find information on Mexican companies that could be partners or suppliers for your company.

  - PROMEXICO in here you will find potential partners and suppliers with web page in Spanish and English.

  - GUIA NEI Mexico is the Mexican Industrial buyer's guide on the web and can be searched in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

  - SIEM a database of Mexican companies in Spanish.

- Guide to Invest in Mexico
The Guide “Investing in Mexico”, developed by the Ministry of the Economy which offers practical information to facilitate business relations with Mexico. This guide offers advice on the legislation that regulates foreign investment and the most important negotiations and paperwork needed to start up a new business in Mexico.

  - Invest by Mexican State
Learn about Mexico in detail. We provide you with detailed information on Mexico’s states, the productive sectors that offer the best opportunities for investment and the incentives offered by local governments for establishing new businesses.